ellenatfims Tor Relay

ellenatfims is a Tor relay run out of the FIMS Graduate Library, contributing to the Tor network.

What is Tor? It helps people stay anonymous online, avoiding surveillance, harassment, and censorship. Volunteer-run relays route encrypted traffic across the globe, helping users location and identity to remain unknown:

Check out out Tor resources page for more suggested information about Tor.

  • ellenatfims is currently configured to reject the exit policy, in other words, it cannot currently be an exit relay. It is, however, flagged to be a guard relay.
  • ellenatfims is flagged as stable and fast.
  • Internal throttling is applied, with a speed cap of 40 MBits/sec, bursting up to 80 MBits/sec.
  • You can see more details on the Tor Atlas page for ellenatfims.
  • ellenatfims runs on a local Ubuntu Linux 16.04.02. Updates to the system will be applied shortly, when a new LTS is released.
  • The Ubuntu server receives automatic day-of patch updates as new patches are delivered, which are automatically applied via the installed unattended-upgrades package.
  • In addition, available upgrades are manually checked, and applied if necessary, on a bi-weekly basis.
  • The Ubuntu desktop is available for use by library users. This desktop environment is attached to the FIMS domain, and all logins are domain logins, therefore, there is no unauthenticated access.
  • There is only one local admin account, which users cannot access. This is the only account through which the Tor configuration file can be accessed, and packages installed.
  • There is one standard local account, with limited permissions, which is also unavailable to users. It is used whenever possible when communicating remotely with the machine.
  • Strong passwords for the local accounts are changed regularly.
  • The fail2ban package is installed, automatically banning IP’s which fail login attempts 5 times, for 2 hours at a time. This package aggressively blocks brute force break-in attempts via SSH, etc.